Weather Journal Project

Written by Shaina Ruthven

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January 29, 2006

Cloudy and snowy - The weather was very cold because it had just snowed the night before. The temperature was about 20 degrees and the wind chill made it feel like 10 degrees.


February 4, 2006

Gloomy and snowy - On this day it was snowing, you can see the flakes in the picture falling down. Some of the snow had melted since the last picture I took due to sun shine.


February 11, 2006

Snowy and windy - On this day it was quite windy making it feel like 5 degrees outside when it was really about 20 degrees out. In this picture it shows how windy it had been by looking at the drifts of snow.


February 17, 2006

Getting nicer - Finally some sun was shining through the clouds and making it a little less gloomy outside. It had snowed quite a bit since the last picture. Also in the back field there are tons of wild turkeys out there!


February 21, 2006

Warm and peaceful - It is finally warm and pretty outside, a lot of sunshine showing through. The temperature was at 25 degrees but it felt warmer because of the sun.


February 24, 2006

Snow is melting - The snow had melted quite a bit since the last picture that I took. I could finally see the field showing through.


March 7, 2006

Calm - The weather is feeling calm, itís not too windy or cold. The snow is disappearing more and more, I can finally tell that spring is coming soon.


Over the course of my pictures and journals I could see the changes that occurred in the same area throughout the weeks. It is really amazing how much the weather fluctuates over such a little time period. Some days were sunny and most were gloomy, but thatís winter. I think this project made me more aware of my surroundings and how the weather affects them everyday.