What really kills me is when black people come up and shoot me. Shoot nigga, I get so tired of that shizzat. Know what I'm sayin, G? You guys should check out my website about the importance of white supremace. It's called "The H is for Hat" which is short for "The H is for Hatred of the colored people" but I couldn't afford that long of a domain. Well, keep living in your dream world, your utopian society of love and ignorance. I'm talking freakin Alice In Wonderland shiznit. Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say. So, dream on. I also have a dream, and that dream is getting somewhere in the world. Ain't nothing can be changed, nigga! And besides, them blacks are the ones that keep whining about racism and alls they're doing is stirring it back up. So they bring my hatred upon themselves. Stupid ####s. They'll all burn anyway.

With love,
I. White (A.K.A. Mr. K.K.K.)

Ian White
Kerby Korner, Kansas, AMERICA!!!!!!!!! (land of the whites) - 05:47:22 12/14/2002

America for whites ,Africa for blacks send those apes back to sea ship those #### back....

Odin Remove Entry
?, ? - 04:20:13 11/27/2002

I really enjoyed reading your article on how you dealt with race problems.You gave me chills reading it.I would have felt bad too if I was confronted by the black guys like you were and responded the wrong way.I don't like the word"####" and when people use it,I tell them to stop.No one should be called that name.It is an unhuman word.Right now in school we are studying racist issues and this article will be in my mind when I have to talk about it.

Ashley Boarman Remove Entry
West Virginia, U.S.A - 16:51:35 11/11/2002

Alas, someone from Berlin claimed there is no racism here. Perhaps a talk with varying embassies, or a look at Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International websites will open eyes. Hate crimes in Berlin are on the rise, and this spring the Berlin police issued a warning to the Jewish community asking them not wear Stars of David or Yarmulkes in public. My own daughter, a very young child, was spat on whilst riding the underground after many young 'men' made comments about not having exterminated Jews properly. Having lived in large cities in 14 different countries, I have to say this is the most xenophobic, anti-Semite place I have ever lived. How sad that a white German feels compelled to be ignorant and deny the every day incidents occuring under his/her nose. One need only to do minor research to disprove the idea that Berlin is a tolerant, free city.

lilia Remove Entry
Berlin, Germany - 15:40:49 10/17/2002

####s belong behind a truck on a chain

ian ferguson Remove Entry
tx, us - 10:03:19 9/19/2002

<img src="http://babykiller.com/babykb.gif" width="468" height="60" border="5" align="bottom"> <font color=#bd0333>next up in the news:Bush happy with the war on terror. and says: kill kill kill kill

Debra Remove Entry
michigan usa - 15:55:52 8/09/2002

If two (or more, I'm not sure how it works for everyone) people love eachother, then let them have eachother. Let them be wed or jointed under whichever God, Deity or Force might be of existence to them. Let all hatred in all of culture and religion subsist for the sake of one's intent and the solace of finding that one still has love to give. Whatever you are frightened of... it has nothing to do with race. You permutate your hatred on race because you need to have your enemy. You are dependant on having him/her/them/it kil, rape and defile x% of you. You cannot live by your conviction alone, and racism, or what was reffered to as prejudism, is what you feed on, because it is so easy to hand out faults, instead of facing your own, thereby loosing your identity. This has to do with the fact that you might be arrogant. Your own role model. Admit if you will, that you want to be with the person you deem a #### that has the darkest skin tone ever and has slept with thousands of partners, in every possible constillation, etc. Admit to your own shortcomings and perversions so that you can overcome them, if they do upset you. We all have racism/prejudism to some extent inside, and if the self-deceit isn't overcome by facing the actual issue (racism, misantrophy, nihilism, decadense, etc), we might awaken saying the n-word collectively in our heads, over and over. Why? Because we are trying too hard to convince ourselves of the fact that we are not racist. We develop phobic tendencies. Like a person who is afraid of spiders and next thing you know, she sees spiders everywhere, even when there aren't any. Because we fear loosing the things (identity, surroundings) we've had for so long. I love one person. One person out of five-six billion people... She is all that i want and she is white. maybe i would've fallen in love with her if she was from a distant land and had a different skin tone. I can never be definitely sure of myself, because she is white. And to me, she is the most beautiful creature imaginable. So, I have these demons of my own to conquer. Just remember, it began in Afrika. There is no use in floundering, but you have to discover what you are harbouring of resentment and i'm afraid that it will hurt. I'm a jazz musician and a very secluded, introverted person but still, I find that music is when something is fusioned to work. If you don't like something, and you can't deal with it, then introvert. Give it some time, contemplate it. Don't hate it, just state your confusion and leave to contemplate. Deal with it on your own level, or else you'll just be an insignificant hate-machine, and all others will be the same to you, or nothing at all. And don't hate racists, just don't understand them. :)

spacet Remove Entry
Northern Europe - 11:41:32 7/29/2002

I am not racist. But I strongly feel that blacks segregate themselves more than white poeple do. Most white people are not racist towards black people. But there is always that group of black people that think that they are SO descriminated against. And it's not true. I bet they have never faced racial adversity in their entire lives; they pretend that they have for attention or something. I don't know, I don't know what their motive is. They just need to calm down and realize that the world is not out to get them.

Taylor Remove Entry
OKC, OK, US of A - 22:49:44 7/11/2002

Im here to ask if anyone here has been circumsized? If so please contact me on thescarycat@hotmail.com as i am interested in purchasing your forskins if you still have them in your possession. Andy -x-

ANDY the foreskin collector GREGORY Remove Entry
UK, thats the same question as the last one. - 14:16:01 7/02/2002