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Dave Farrow:
I met Dave Farrow shortly after I began attending Western Michigan University in the fall of 1998. Dave has created a politically-oriented web site in which he expresses his own thoughts on what is going on in current events. Dave and I don't always agree on political issues, but I must admit that Dave often presents intellectually challenging arguments for his views. Go to (Dave's Corner Op-Editorial on Current Events) if you want to read more.

Fred Hayward:
Fred Hayward and I have been friends since September of 1987. We met when we were both students at Grand Rapids Baptist College (now called Cornerstone University). To learn more about his work, life, and family, visit (Photon Farms). You can also check out his wife's web site of (family photographs).

Phillip Kim:
He's wild! He's crazy! And he has his own web site! Visit the homepage of (Phillip Kim)! The site is his own personal web page and contains family pictures and the official web site of Raspberry Jam, a band he once played in that is no longer together.

Monique Lehman:
Monique Lehman is a friend of mine who recently graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in geography. Go to her (Brazilian Amazonia Free Trade Zone) page.

Hong Leong:
Hong Leong is a friend of mine who graduated from Western Michigan University in 1999. Go to (Hong Leong's Homepage) and don't leave until you have visited his (Picture Gallery) and his (International Business News Page). Email him and tell him that I sent you!

Alhaji N'Jai:
Alhaji N'Jai graduated from Western Michigan University with a masters degree in geography. His Sierra Leone Page, which was put together by both him and his brother, is no longer on-line.

Adam Parmenter:
Adam Parmenter is another long-time friend. We met in 1983 when we were both freshmen at Grand Rapids Baptist College, and we were roommates during the 1984-1985 school year. I can confirm the hypothesis that Adam is one wild and crazy guy!!! Adam is currently the lead singer of a band called (Sojourn).

Barbara Mayes:
I met Barb (Prater) Mayes in the fall of 1997. She was beginning a degree in meteorology at Central Michigan University while I was in my last year of the same degree. Go to (The Home of Barbara E. Mayes) and be sure to sign her guestbook. I should also note that Barb is quite a talented writer! Be sure to check out her page of (writings) which includes both short stories and poems. Barb has also created a page that addresses the problem of abusive relationships called (Break the cycle: you can free yourself from an abusive relationship).

Jim Sullivan:
Jim Sullivan is a life-long friend. I'm not really sure when we met, but I believe that it was when we were both 6 years old. (It's possible that we met before this, but my long-term memory isn't working too well these days!) Jim has created a web site called (Envisioning Progress). He describes the purpose of the web site as follows: "I developed this web site for easier access to my resume and portfolio to showcase my skills and interest in communications, journalism, broadcasting, media, politics, policital communications, sustainability, research and personal interests.  I hope you enjoy my site and please feel free to contact me with any of your questions."